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Is a circuit breaker a switch

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A circuit breaker is a type of switch. When the line is running normally, the circuit breaker can close the current within a specified time, and can also disconnect the current when the line is abnormal to protect the line. However, there are many types of circuit breakers. Depending on the scope of use, there are two types of high-voltage and low-voltage. Household circuit breakers generally use low-voltage circuit breakers.

How to choose a circuit breaker for home improvement

1. Estimate power distribution

Because the selection of circuit breakers needs to be considered according to the use environment, line load and voltage level, etc., you must be careful when purchasing. Usually, the household line will use 16-level hard copper wire, and the indoor circuit breaker will use a 63-amp small circuit breaker, so that when the household circuit fails, the circuit breaker can cut off the power within a specified time to avoid circuit and circuit damage. Electrical damage.

2. Determine the number of power circuits

Generally, home improvement circuits are not too complicated, but in order to ensure the power demand of different circuits, the circuits are generally classified, such as lighting as one channel, kitchen sockets as one channel, and air conditioners as one channel, etc. Users need to be based on the actual situation of home decoration. The electricity is classified, and then the appropriate circuit breaker is selected according to the number of circuits, so that when a fault occurs, the faulty circuit can be quickly locked.

3. Determine the compliance current

After classifying the circuit, the user needs to choose according to the power consumption of the circuit. Note that the maximum load power of the circuit breaker cannot be less than the total power consumption of the circuit, otherwise the switch is overloaded, which will easily cause the circuit breaker to heat up and short circuit, and it should not be too large, otherwise the circuit will open. The device is not sensitive enough and cannot be disconnected in time when a fault occurs.


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