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How to wire the toggle switch

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First, put the side of the switch with the dial facing you, from left to right are the first, second, and third pins of the toggle switch, and the middle pins are the pins that must be connected. The connection method can be the first pin on the left and the middle pin, or the third pin on the right and the middle pin.

Extended information:

The toggle switch is to turn on or off the circuit by turning its actuator (dial key or switch handle). It has the characteristics of flexible slider action, stable and reliable performance, and is widely used in electrical appliances, machinery, communications, digital audio and video, Building automation, electronic products.

The two-speed three-pin toggle switch is a commonly used one. Among the three legs, the middle is the common terminal. When it is turned to the left, the two pins on the left are connected, and when it is turned to the right, the two pins on the right are connected.

Most of the connections between the pins of the toggle switch and the external circuits use soldering technology, but quality accidents such as virtual soldering are often caused. Large factories generally use mechanized and automated operations instead of direct operations by workers, and the problem of virtual soldering still remains. exist, so the riveting technology connection is introduced to replace the original solder connection.

However, when this kind of wave switch with a new pin structure is connected to the circuit, in order to achieve precise control of mechanization and automatic operation, and to improve the connection requirements of higher standards for the circuit, it is necessary to accurately identify the two-speed three-pin toggle The three pins of the switch.

Three-phase has a characteristic; 2. Any two-phase (two lines) are transposed; 3. The motor is reversed; 5. The commonly used types of toggle switches are single-pole double-position, single-pole three-position, double-pole double-position and double-pole three-position, etc., which can be connected as needed; 6. It is generally used in low-voltage circuits, with sliding The block has the characteristics of flexible movement, stable and reliable performance.


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