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How to use the limit switch to control the motor to stop, and then start to continue working?

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How the limit switch controls the start and stop of the motor, first of all, you need to understand the working principle of the limit switch, in order to understand how to wire and its correct use part.

First of all, the working principle of the limit switch is that it is in a normally closed state when the limit is not reached. It is an auxiliary contact connected in series with the stop button of the contactor. When the stroke reaches a certain level, it touches the limit switch. Then the limit switch is normally closed to normally open, cutting off the connection of the entire line, the contactor loses power, the excitation disappears, and the purpose of automatic disconnection is achieved, and the motor automatically stops working. If you want to start the motor and continue to work, you need to let the limit switch return to the normally closed state to continue working.

The limit switch has a variety of structures to choose from according to the requirements: for example, when the object reaches a certain position, the limit switch is triggered, the point A is connected, and the point B is disconnected. When moving forward, the switch can keep the point A connected On, point B is off, and only when the object returns (reverse) through the switch again, the transition occurs: point A is off, and point B is on.

This kind of limit switch can be understood as detecting the function of moving objects in front (one side) or behind (the other side) of the switch, which was used more in elevator circuits in the past (detecting the arrival floor).

The general working state of the limit switch is: the object moves to the predetermined position, and when the limit switch is triggered, the switch will switch: the normally open contact is connected, and the normally closed contact is disconnected, as long as the object leaves this position (regardless of continuing to move forward) or return), the limit switches are reset: that is, the original normally open contact returns to normally open, and the normally closed contact returns to normally closed state


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