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How the button switch works

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The working principle of the button switch is that the external force transmitted by the button forms a force that makes the transmission inside the switch. The moving contact and the static contact can be connected or disconnected by pressing the button. And his specific use is to better control the switching of the circuit, so as to ensure the safety of the user’s electricity consumption. In fact, in terms of structure, the #buttonswitch is very simple, so the scope of application is also very wide. It can be used as a switch for a starting device or a switch for a power supply.

A button is a manual electrical appliance used to issue command signals, and a switch is usually used to turn on or off a small current control circuit. The button is composed of a shell, a button cap, a contact and a return spring. The button is divided into normally open contacts, normally closed contacts, composite contacts and so on. When the normally open contact is not affected by external force, the moving contact and the static contact are disconnected. Under the external force, the spring is pressed to move, and the static contact is closed. After removing the external force, under the action of the spring force, the moving and The static contact returns to its original disconnected position; the action sequence of the normally closed contact is opposite to that of the normally open button. The composite button is equipped with a pair of normally open and a pair of normally closed contacts in a button box, and there are also two pairs of normally open and two pairs of normally closed contacts. Some buttons also have signal lights. The red light indicates that the device controlled by the button is in the running state; the green light indicates that the device controlled by the button is in the stopped state. The normally open contact is also called the moving contact, and the normally closed contact is also called the moving contact. From the action principle of the button, it can be known that after pressing the button, the action sequence should be: first open the common contact, then close the normally open contact; the reset sequence of the button should be: the normally open contact is reset first, and the normally closed contact after reset.

The action principle of the #toggleswitch is that when the toggle switch is manually operated, the switch action principle can be divided into two stages. The first stage is to pull the trigger in the middle by hand until the trigger is in the vertical position. At this time, the pointed top of the single-pole slider also gradually moves toward the middle until it reaches the middle position, and the compression spring is further compressed. In the second stage, after the trigger passes the vertical position, the single-pole slider moves rapidly in the other direction under the pressure of the compression spring, and drives the trigger to turn rapidly. The fixed contact pin on one side is quickly connected. At this time, the separation speed of the contacts is related to factors such as the pressure of the compression spring and the friction between the moving parts, and the speed is very high. According to the test, the time from the disengagement of the contact to the reconnection is only about milliseconds, and the average speed reaches the old millimeter-second. This speed is many times faster than manual pull speeds or motorized test pull speeds.


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