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Everything you need to know about microswitches

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1. Although small in size, it can switch large currents

Normally, when an electronic circuit is closed, sparks called arcs are generated between the contacts. The larger the current is, the easier it is to generate arc light, the slower the speed of switching contacts, and the longer the duration of the arc light, which is a factor leading to the deterioration of the contacts. The snap action mechanism of the micro switch can switch the contacts instantly, so the arc duration is short, and the size is small, but it can be used in circuits with large currents.

2. High precision

The micro switch can basically switch the contacts at the same position even if it is repeatedly opened/closed, so the position detection error is small, and it is suitable for applications requiring high precision. This is also a unique advantage of microswitches with snap-action mechanisms.

3. Durability

Due to the short duration of the arc, the damage to the contacts is relatively small, so the durability has been improved.

4. Touch and sound

The snap-action mechanism has a unique touch and sound when operating, so the operation can be confirmed by touch and hearing.

Features of Small Micro Switches

1. Ultra-small, lightweight and high-precision.

2. The m2mm type of general-purpose small screws can be used.

3. The structure of forming the terminal and the base distance at the same time makes it difficult for solder and flux to penetrate into the inside of the switch.

4. A low-power circuit type (au clad contact) that is most suitable for small voltage and current loads is also available.

5. Self-supporting terminal, easy to install on the printed board. The switch body is independent with respect to the printed board of 1.2~1.6mm.

6. There are also a series of right-angled terminals and left-angled terminals on the printed board.

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